About us

Xenium is a leading digital media company in Bulgaria, founded on August 30th, 2007.

Its monthly audience reach is 2.8 million unique users with 38 million impressions.

Our sites

Over the last 10 years on the Bulgarian market Xenium has managed to establish 15 media projects covering key segments among the Internet users. You can view the full list of sites HERE

We offer our clients:

  • Advertising effectiveness through individual solutions.
  • Advertising improvement during the campaign.
  • Social marketing and management of Facebook groups with over 2 million fans.
  • Access to a large audience and niche target groups.
  • Creative advertising solutions – games, contests, video productions, rich media formats, etc.
  • Adherence to established world standards.

Media philosophy

The media philosophy of Xenium is laid upon the ideas of independence, social responsibility and freedom of speech while following the modern trends and topics in the country and around the world.

Last but not least, we give great importance to art and spiritual values.

Work atmosphere

Xenium was founded by a group of software developers with entrepreneur spirit and started to grow fast.

Today the people at the company are young, well educated in the field, flexible and adapt with ease to the dynamic world of digital media.

We are growing naturally by hiring motivated people who become part of our team by following the main goals of professionalism, creativity, attention to detail, everyday growth and responsibility.

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